Banana nutrition facts

The glycemic load is generally regarded as a more accurate indicator of a carbohydrates effect on blood sugar levels. A bananas glycemic load is considered medium (11-19 is medium; low = 10 or less; high = 20 or more), which supports the theory that those with blood-sugar sensitivities should be at least slightly cautious with banana consumption, especially overly ripe ones. Bananas many health benefits Athletes love bananas for the quick and sustained burst of energy provided. But even professional couch potatoes enjoy many benefits of eating bananas, including: Battling depression: bananas contain the amino acid tryptophan, which converts into serotonin, the bodys natural mood-enhancing chemical. Keeping the pipes flowing: high in fiber (3 grams), bananas can stimulate the bowels, reversing constipation. Stress management: a single banana contains about 12 percent of your daily potassium needs.
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Dr. Paul Inselman, Founder of the Inselman Institute and Leader in Growing Field of Enzyme Nutrition, Selects Simply the Best PR as Agency of Record

Inselman practiced Chiropractic in New York and ran one of the largest enzyme/functional digestive nutritional centers in the country for 20 years. Dr. Inselman is also the former Director of Professional Development at The Loomis institute , Inc. where he assisted Dr.
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Norfolk Nutrition Examiner

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