Calling For An End To Nutrition As Religion

Hockey Nutrition: Ramp up knowledge to raise the ‘bar’

Dietary dogma, almost by definition, dictates blind faith and absolute loyalty, where breaking a dietary commandment is akin to committing a sin. Sin often enough and here comes the guilt , and feel guilt often enough, and you might well decide to kill your entire healthier-living, guilt-inducing effort. [Read: A Shame-Free Food Lifestyle .] Of the, literally, thousands of patients I’ve seen about their weights, virtually all of them have successfully lost weight with at least one diet or weight-loss program. Their regains often occurred consequent to their beliefs that, for instance, “lower” or “lowish” rather than truly “low” carb wouldn’t work where a few carb-based indulgences led them to feel sufficiently like failures, so that rather than simply try to find a healthy “lower”-carb medium, they opted to quit altogether. Nutrition as religion demands perfection, yet perfection is an impossible goal. Remember, food is not simply fuel .
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Nutrition Bill Passes House


Generally, the fewer, the better. Can you pronounce all of them? What are they? Organic brown rice syrup or soy crisps sound healthy enough, but are they? Look at the nutritional label for calories, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fiber and sugar. Calories, protein, fat and fiber tend to vary the greatest amount between brands. Some bars are 110 calories while others are 300 calories and more.
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It shouldnt be this hard to pass a bill that ensures all of us in this economy have enough to eat. And thats what a farm bill does. Rep. Lucas floor remarks A series of Democrats took to the floor to argue against the bill that contains reforms that would save nearly $40 billion in food stamp costs over ten years. Theres no reason to pass this bill other than to placate some people that want to make a point, said Rep. Collin Peterson (D-MN), ranking member of the agriculture committee. This bill isnt going any place in the Senate, the president wouldnt sign it, so I dont know what were doing. Rep.
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